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Frequently Asked Questions – English Page

Frequently Asked Questions - English Page

FAQ auf Deutsch

Chess Training and Covid-19

Via Skype or Zoom, chess training is a fairly safe issue in times of the Corona pandemic. The technical setup is easy to realize and self explanatory.

What’s your Skype name?

What’s your Skype name?

Via Skype you can reach me here ► live:fernando.offermann_2

Am I good enough to get lessons by a trainer?

A trainer can help in any case. Depending on the personality and possibilities of the learner, also depending on the goals and time budget, we trainers can assess how we can support the players. Do I want to start over with the game? Am I advanced and do I need impulses to develop myself further? Do I have no clue of what to learn? A good coach has many tools at his or her disposal to make the training effective.


How much is the training?

Here you can find the information with the prices. A single lesson is between 45 and 50 euros, a double hour is between 85 and 90 euros. In addition a flat-rate travel fee by arrangement for abroad sessions is added to the training in your place. The details can also be found here: ► Booking  It is possible to arrange a discounted trial lesson with the opportunity to get to know each other, to agree on the most important things and to check whether everything fits as it should.


Which dates are possible?

You can also book your desired appointment online – including a trial lesson: ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ► Booking 

Is my child too young for the training?

My youngest student is four years old. Anyone who has ever played „Memory“ against a preschooler knows about the potential available at that age. It is crucial that the child does not have to be attentive for too long. It is also important – above all – that your child is curious to get to know the world on the chessboard. Natural curiosity drives girls and boys to delve deeper into the subject. At this age in particular, however, it is important that the children can also play against other children. Sometimes, the chess coach is the only person who associates them with chess, but it’s better when children can play with other children. I am happy to help finding playing groups for children, and there are offerss for both boys and girls.

Do Boys train differently to girls?


Many trainers say from experience that girls are more likely than boys to be guided by whether they can go to training with a friend, for example. On the other hand, boys also appreciate it when they can train with a friend. Many girls in a group often prefer to hold back with answers rather than imposing themselves and some prefer to say nothing but the wrong thing. Boys often have a different relationship to competition than girls. This can be taken into account in training.

Do you also coach Seniors?

Of course – and very much so. Either you played years ago and want to start over, or you are already playing and just want to brush up on the practice and broaden your knowledge to experience a new and fresh kind of progress. Or you want to start over. I am happy to help you to achieve your goals.

Training courses in English?

We can also switch to English. Almost all of my chess books around me are in English so it shouldn’t be too difficult for us to discuss things fluently.

Do you still have question?

Please feel free to ask me anything. I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.