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My name is Fernando Offermann. Chess is one of my great passions and with coaching I can share the joy. I am a trainer, author, photographer and chess player and play in the Oberliga for Schachfreunde Berlin.

After the course of the Berlin Chess Association to become a C-Trainer of the German Chess Federation, the last exams were passed at the beginning of this year. Before that, I had got my patent to teach chess in schools at the end of 2019. Then I started coaching.

As the editor of DIE WELT in the late 90s, I started and was responsible for the first chess column for a daily newspaper in the sports department, and at the 2016 World Chess Championship in New York, I directed the news on I am writing about new chess books for the website of the Berlin Chess Association.

Trainer, author, photographer and chess player

Online Coaching

Via Skype or Zoom: Coaching with webcam and chess software

Personal Training

Custom made learning program, advice and feedback

With System

Systematic, progressively built training lessons.

Why Training?

Four reasons for working out with a coach

The perspective
from outside

When a coach with experience tells you how to get steps ahead

It is not always easy: to see where you stand. A trainer’s gaze can help. A trained eye usually recognizes strengths and gaps faster than you do yourself and sees details that are often missed.


Successful training motivates you to keep going

Who has not experienced this at least once? We take a book and get started. Then maybe a second time and at some point it won’t get another chance. The next time we try another topic and lose sight of the first one. A coach helps to keep the focus, what has been learned leads to progress, and motivation follows naturally.


Chess TV and Blitz? It’s a lot of fun, but doesn’t replace the training

The fun stuff doesn’t always make you stronger. Yes, you learn something while watching video streams. Solving situations, exploring strategies, in short: work – is far more effective. Your mind will keep the learned information much better. And: with your new skills you will understand more when you watch your favourite videos streams.

You learn alone

But your coach helps you

Out of the comfort zone

If we work alone and just let off steam on the internet, we will eventually get stuck. We lose track because nobody gives us feedback. It’s true: a player has to work out alone, the active work is crucial and cannot be substituted by anything. We trainers, however, can facilitate paths, give suggestions and feedback and give new perspectives.